Hygiene Resources

Patients will now be doing antimicrobial mouthrinses with us prior to dental treatment. 

This will reduce microbial load in the mouth, but please note that such rinses will not stop disease.

Also, complications could arise if a patient were to start antimicrobial mouthrinse regimens at home without supervision by their dentist. So, please consult your dentist before making big changes in your oral hygiene routine.

In light of Covid-19, please keep in mind that routine dental recare and at home oral hygiene are critical to controlling bacterial levels in the mouth as this could seed secondary bacterial infections if someone should contract a primary viral illness. Please review at home oral hygiene instruction videos below.

Lastly, we recommend that patients have all recommended dental treatment completed now versus later to avoid any disruptions in continuity of care and to avoid dental emergencies if Covid-19 should cause business closures or limitations.

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