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Metal-free fillings are excellent for preserving the beauty of your smile. A top-rated cosmetic dentist serving the Frisco, Texas, area, Dr. Catherine Koo uses state-of-the-art technology, including color-corrected lighting, to ensure that your fillings match the natural shade of your teeth. Call Dentistry in Frisco or schedule an appointment online to enhance your smile and improve your oral health.

Metal-free Fillings Q & A

What are metal-free fillings?

Metal-free fillings are made from a robust, tooth-colored mixture of plastic and glass. They provide a natural look for your front and back teeth.

Also known as composite resins, metal-free fillings are an ideal choice for small to medium-size fillings. However, depending on the size and location of your cavities, they might not be as durable as metal-based amalgam fillings.

Larger cavities in areas stressed by frequent chewing could require different treatment options, such as a crown or bridge.

How are metal-free fillings applied?

After drilling and preparing your tooth, Dr. Koo applies the metal-free composite in layers, drying and hardening each one with a special light. When the composite is complete, she shapes and polishes your tooth.

Bear in mind that this process takes longer than traditional amalgam fillings.

Will my tooth be more sensitive after a metal-free filling?

Numerous studies report that some patients experience heightened sensitivity — and occasional pain — after receiving a metal-free filling. However, in most cases, patients don't have more postoperative sensitivity than those receiving amalgam fillings.

Will my metal-free fillings be visible when I smile?

Dr. Koo goes to great lengths to ensure that your metal-free filling blends seamlessly into your tooth. Working in a clinic equipped with color-corrected lighting, she precisely matches your natural shade. When the procedure is complete, your filling is virtually invisible.

Be sure to tell Dr. Koo if you regularly drink coffee or tea, because the filling could discolor over time. To prevent that, she can apply an additional plastic coating that helps preserve the color.

How long do metal-free fillings last?

When used for smaller cavities, metal-free fillings can last a long time. In fact, since the composite material bonds to your tooth, it structurally supports and reinforces it.

Some studies demonstrate that larger metal-free fillings aren't as durable as silver or gold amalgams. When you come in for an evaluation, Dr. Koo assesses your cavity and other oral health issues and determines the most appropriate treatment options for you.

Call or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Catherine Koo at Dentistry in Frisco to improve the health of your teeth and beauty of your smile with metal-free fillings.