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Beautiful white, bright teeth can do a lot to improve your self-confidence, and they’ll also have an impact on the way others see you. Studies show that having a beautiful smile can make you appear happier, healthier, and more successful -- and even smarter. Professional teeth whitening treatments at Dentistry In Frisco can help you get that whiter, brighter smile in just a single office visit. Catherine Koo, DDS, uses the Opalescence® Boost whitening system, which includes the use of a state-of- the art laser, designed to help patients achieve custom results so that they feel great about their smiles and themselves.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Why do teeth become yellowed and dingy?

Tooth discoloration can have many causes, including poor oral hygiene as well as the foods and beverages you consume. Foods and drinks like coffee, tea, red wine, dark berries, and products with natural and artificial food colorings are all common culprits, creating superficial stains that can’t be brushed away. Fortunately, professional tooth whitening provides a great solution for getting rid of stains and yellowing in the more superficial layers of your teeth. Deeper stains in the tooth interior typically are caused by illnesses or diseases, tooth trauma or decay, root canal therapy, or long-term use of medications. These deeper discolorations respond best to veneers or crowns.

How does professional teeth whitening work?

Dr. Koo uses the Opalescence® Boost whitening system to help patients get whiter, brighter, healthier-looking teeth in just an hour. Boost uses a special two-part gel formula that activates when the two components are mixed. Before the gel is applied, a special retractor and dam are used to protect the gums and tongue during treatment. Then the gel is mixed and applied to each tooth surface where it remains for about 15 minutes before being suctioned off. The entire process will be repeated three times to ensure optimal results. Most patients opt to have their teeth cleaned prior to a whitening treatment to ensure that the whitening gel can penetrate the tooth surfaces without being blocked by tartar and plaque.

Is Boost tooth whitening safe?

Yes, the Opalescence® Boost tooth whitening system is completely safe and approved for use under the care of a dentist.

Will tooth whitening make my teeth sensitive?

Some patients report mild sensitivity during whitening treatment, but if sensitivity does develop, it resolves shortly after treatment ends.

Can tooth whitening treatments whiten my restorations?

No, veneers, crowns, and other restorations are made of materials that can’t be permeated by whitening agents. If they become discolored, they’ll usually need to be replaced.

Is professional tooth whitening better than over-the-counter bleaching kits?

Yes. Boost in-office treatments provide results right away, after just a single treatment. Professional application ensures that the gel remains in contact with the tooth surfaces for the optimal amount of time to achieve maximum results. Plus, having a professional whitening treatment in the office enables Dr. Koo to treat tiny cavities or fissures that could increase tooth sensitivity during treatment.